Bibles without Borders

Send a bible to a refugee at the US-Mexico Border

This Christmas season,  the Nashua Stake Youth WILL DONATE BIBLES to hundreds of refugees on the US-Mexico border.
Families on both sides of the US-Mexico border are finding themselves in increasingly dire situations. Thousands are stuck in shelters that aren’t able to meet their basic needs, including food and heat–and what’s worse, they are surrounded by dangerous cartels (gangs) who prey on the most vulnerable among us for profit.  Thousands of other refugees have been separated from their families and are being held in cold detention centers around Texas. While these people are strong and determined in their plight to make a better life for their families, they are suffering and they are scared. Like all of us when crisis hits, they are looking to God to comfort and help them through this dark time.  For this reason, they are desperately seeking Spanish Bibles.
This Christmas season,  the Nashua Stake Youth want to give hundreds of these refugees their own Spanish Bible for Christmas. They gladly welcome anyone else who wants to join in this effort.  All you need to do is earn some money and donate it to buy a box of Bibles–a box of 36 Spanish Bibles only costs $64! You can order a box on your own or pool your earned money with your friends, family or members of your ward. 
    1. Do some work for the refugees. Get paid. Donate your earnings.
    2. Pool your money with other family or friends or donate $64 of your own money.
    3. At checkout, ship your Bibles directly to Pastor Ortiz at 3703 Cuatro Vientos Drive, Laredo, Texas, 78046. He works with the refugees in the shelters and with those being held in detention centers and will distribute the Bibles directly.  
    4. Click this link to buy a box of Bibles
    5. Text Hannah Edwards at (978) 875-1048 or email her to let her know how many Bibles you’ve purchased (she is keeping a running total above).

If you would like to make an additional donation to help the refugees, they are also in desperate need of food, light jackets and shoes. Click here to learn more or donate.

Thank you for giving the gift of the Light of Christ to families who are suffering this Christmas! 

(Photo cred: Vox)


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