Make it a Service Project

Do some work. Get paid. Buy Bibles.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Do some yard work or shoveling for a family in your neighborhood
  • Babysit for a couple so they can have a date night
  • Help to tutor students in a subject that you are good at
  • Sell your crafts/baked goods/handmade treasures to people in your town
  • Hold lessons for kids to show them how to play an instrument or paint
  • Contact your local Council on Aging and offer to tutor Seniors in your town on basic computer skills
  • Ask busy parents if they need a driver for their children for an afternoon
  • Hold a concert in your ward/neighborhood with other youth musicians and ask people to donate lieu of purchasing a ticket
  • Hold a read-athon/run-athon/Christmas Carol-athon (or anything-athon) and ask family and friends to sponsor your efforts